Thanks again for choosing our practice for your orthodontic treatment. We appreciate the opportunity to treat you and the confidence you have placed in us. You can thank us by referring your friends and family who may benefit from our services.

Many dental insurance plans now cover orthodontic treatment. Our front office is trained to assist you in determining what costs your particular plan covers to help obtain authorization from your company to begin treatment, and if required, to develop a pre-estimate.

Our front office is familiar with many dental insurance policies, but with so many different ones available, it is impossible to be familiar with all of them. Please bring your policy with you to the first appointment, and have your insurance card available at all appointments.

Most insurance companies have a deductible, which is a designated amount each year that must be satisfied before any coverage begins. Also, many insurance carriers have a maximum amount that will be covered for a particular treatment, and also a maximum amount that they will cover for a given year or person insured. Any differences in the amount they cover will be the responsibility of the patient.